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When software is hard to maintain, everybody suffers

Customers and users suffer, because it takes a long time to add new features and get bugs fixed.

Owners and investors suffer, because growth suffers, and software problems can damage an organisation's reputation.

Development teams suffer, because the software they are working with is hard to analyze, hard to change without making mistakes, and hard—if not impossible—to test thoroughly. Their skill and hard work can remain hidden behind a wall of 'technical debt'.

We rate and rank the maintainability of your software

The process is quick and easy. These are the 3 steps:

Improve your software and your development process!

Our inspection reports identify obstacles to maintenance in your software, and how to deal with them.


Let's get started today, and you'll have your report next week. The first step is for us to send you a proposal...

More information: videos and other websites

Here are some videos and reading material, on this site and others, to help you understand maintainability, code inspection, technical debt, and what you can do to cut costs in software development: