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Software in Technical Due Diligence: How to protect money that is invested in software

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When is software like a building?

When you are an investor.

Imagine that you are about to make an investment in a company that owns a building. There are some things that you can see for yourself, and some things that are hidden, and will appear later.

If you are making an investment which involves a building, it is wise to get a consulting engineer to check it for hidden defects. He'll carry out a detailed survey of the building and present you with a report to use in technical due diligence, and in negotiations.

And it is the same when you are making an investment which involves software. You can get a software inspector to check for hidden defects. He'll seek out poorly constructed code, which slows down software development and makes systems unreliable. Once he has completed his software scan, he will present you with a report to use in software due diligence, and in negotiations.

Get a sample of a Quick Scan

Send us five source code files, and we'll tell you how maintainable they are! And we'll give you your money back when you order a Quick Scan.

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So if you have money invested in a company which uses software to make money, get an OSQR Quick Scan. It will tell you about the obstacles that the programmers have to deal with when they change what the software does.

Time to market and competitive edge can be compromised if programmers can't get their work done quickly and efficiently. And if they can't repair the software quickly when it goes wrong, the opinions of disappointed customers can cause brand damage.

The OSQR Quick Scan. Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back!

Find out where you stand

Plot of application on IfSQ Software Decay Spectrum

We give a 100% money-back guarantee that an OSQR Quick Scan will give you insight into the maintainability of the software that you are investing in.

Our experts will measure the source code against the IfSQ Level-1 Standard, produce a detailed report and plot the result on the IfSQ Software Decay Spectrum.

The report will reveal hidden defects which impact the analyzab­ility, modifiab­ility, testabil­ity, modular­ity and reusab­ility of the software.

If the application is in the A-zone of the spectrum, you can safely target your resources elsewhere. If it is in the Caution, Danger or F-zone, we’ll help you to identify quick wins and tell you how to secure your investment.

Results in 4 days!

OSQR Quick Scan Report Booklet

We deliver the draft report for a quick scan inspection within four working days of receipt of the source code.

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