"Shall we do a code review?" — Our Abort/Success pricing

Abort/Success fee 30%/130%, rather than 70%/130%

With nearly a decade of experience in performing code reviews during the exclusivity period of Private Equity transactions, we intimately understand the disappointment that arises when deals fall through. We recognize the substantial costs associated with due diligence, and the absence of returns to cover those costs when a deal is aborted.

We recently conducted a thorough analysis of red flag moments and how we were able to respond to them. Our findings led us to a compelling realization: by charging only 30% of our fee in the event of an aborted transaction, and 130% upon success, we can offer clients a substantial reduction in the financial risk associated with code reviews at a reasonably low risk to ourselves.

This means that the amount at stake for a code review as part of technology due diligence is now just £ 4,710 or € 5,370 or $ 5,880.

Our overall aim is to make the question "Shall we do a code review?" completely obsolete.

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