Try out code inspection with an OSQR Mini-Scan

Software Detective Inspecting Code

Try out an OSQR Mini-Scan now, and get your money back later, when you order your first Quick Scan

When you send us a piece of software, we'll inspect it, so that we can tell you how maintainable it is.

We'll print it out, pick up a red pen and inspect it, writing our findings on the printed copy of the source code. Then we count the number of obstacles that we found, compare the total to the number of lines of code that we inspected, and plot the result on the software decay spectrum.

It's not expensive…

We don't use software to do this work: we have a network of programmers who carry out inspections for us. We don't need any tools, other than the red pen, because when you're measuring how hard it will be for programmers to analyze, modify and test the code that they and their colleagues have written, the best tool available is a human being!

You are just five steps away from reading our report about the maintainability of your code:

You fill in this order form, and press Send
We send you an email with detailed instructions, with no obligation to buy
You reply to the email, sending us some source code as an attachment
One of our inspectors reads the code, line-by-line, marking up obstacles to maintainability
We send you an inspection report, and the notes made by the inspector
We refund the money you paid for the Mini-Scan with your first order for a Quick Scan

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