Contract Management

Two of our products are particularly applicable to Contract Management:

Inspect, Reinspect

Inspect, Reinspect consists of two IfSQ Level-2 Inspections, each of a 1000-page sample of the source code of one application.

Use Cases

  • Software Asset Protection
  • Proof of Delivery of Agreed Improvements

How have clients used Inspect, Reinspect?

  1. Protect the value of a software asset when further development and maintenance work was taken off-shore
  2. Obtain improvement work free of charge, and other concessions from a vendor when confronted with poor build quality
  3. Defer payment of 20% of an equity investment, and make it conditional upon meeting agreed quality goals


  1. Initial snapshot report detailing the maintainability of a system at a particular point in time
  2. Second snapshot report at a later point in time
  3. Comparison report detailing how the maintainability of the software was impacted by work carried out in that period
  4. Extra calls with software development team, as required

Single System Inspect/Reinspect Pricing

Multiple System Inspect/Reinspect Pricing


Monitoring consists of a series of quarterly IfSQ Level-2 Inspections: in the first year, a 'baseline' inspection is made of a 1000-page sample of the application and every three months thereafter, an inspection is made of another 1000-page sample of the same application.

Use Cases

  • Software Asset Protection
  • Service Level Agreement Monitoring
  • Risk Mitigation

How have clients used Monitoring?

  1. Maintain a strong relationships with a supplier
  2. Uncover software quality drift
  3. Initiate organisational changes to assure ongoing quality


  1. Sequence of reports at regular intervals allowing the maintainability of a system, or set of systems, to be monitored over a given period of time
  2. Feedback and coaching interview calls with individual software developers after each review round

Single System Periodic Code Review Pricing

Multiple System Periodic Code Review Pricing

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