Mergers and Acquisitions

One of our products is particularly applicable to Mergers and Acquisitions:

Source Code Inspection

Source Code Inspection is an IfSQ Level-2 Inspection of a 1000-page sample of the source code of an application.

Use Cases

  • Software Value Assesment
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies
  • Repudiation of Inaccurate Claims
  • Identification of Impediments to Investment Thesis
  • Input to the 100-Day Plan
  • Software Due Diligence

How have clients used Source Code Inspection?

  1. Evidence in legal proceedings
  2. Project viability assessment
  3. Grounds for an extra round of negotiations in an acquisition
  4. Evidence to support a legal decision for leave to seize assets and garnish bank accounts


  1. Single snapshot report detailing the maintainability of a system, or set of systems, at a particular point in time
  2. Extra calls with software development team, as required
  3. Advice and assistance with incorporation of our report into technology due diligence summary

Single System Code Inspection Pricing

Multiple System Code Inspection Pricing

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