Two of our products are particularly applicable to Scale-ups:

Quick Scan

Quick Scan is an IfSQ Level-1 Inspection of a 500-page sample of the source code of an application.

Use Cases

  • Second Opinion
  • Comparison of Applications
  • Comparison of Vendors
  • Application Portfolio Analysis
  • Triage
  • Source Code Viability

How have clients used Quick Scan?

  1. Sharpen a relationship with a supplier
  2. Identify a "quick-win" in application maintenance
  3. Target resources during a maintenance cost reduction campaign
  4. Reduce technical debt
  5. Prepare for future investment rounds


  1. Single snapshot report indicating the maintainability of a system at a particular point in time
  2. Debrief call

Single System Quick Scan Pricing

Multiple System Quick Scan Pricing


Consultation consists of two 45-minute interviews, one week apart, in which an industry expert helps founders to 'bridge the gap' between business development and software development, and identify areas in which levels of competence need to be addressed.

Use Cases

  • Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)
  • Software Development Mentoring for Founders

How have clients used Consultation?

  1. Founder replaced development team when their lack of competence was revealed
  2. Balance struck between development of new features and resolution of technical debt


  1. Two 45-minute calls with an industry expert
  2. IfSQ Development Competence Profile (balanced score card)
  3. List of short term goals

Single System Consultation Pricing

Multiple System Consultation Pricing

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